Cruise Ship Travelers Glad to be Home

After an engine-room fire disabled the cruise ship Carnival Triumph in open waters almost 150 miles off the Yucatan peninsula near Mexico for five days, passengers were glad to be on solid land in the early hours of Friday in Mobile, Alabama.

Over 4200 passengers had to endure deploring conditions on the luxury cruise ship, after the ship lost power and sewer capabilities. Not only were the conditions disgusting, with raw sewage flooding the lower levels of the ship, there was a food shortage, and passengers were unsure of how long they would remain incapacitated at sea.

After docking at Mobile, the ship’s travelers could be seen waving from the balconies and chanting “Let us off! Let us off!” In order to get to Galveston, the original destination port, passengers had to choose between taking a bus to Galveston, have friends or family pick them up in Mobile, or take a shorter bus ride to New Orleans to stay in a hotel before taking a chartered flight home the next morning.

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Lorene Nyquist

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